Bestseller Book: African Dangerous Game Cartridges

The currently definitive book on African rifles and cartridges, African Dangerous Game Cartridges is in its 2nd printing and available again in the USA, Africa, Australia and the UK. The 460-page, full colour, large format hardcover book covers everything the international hunter needs to know about rifles and cartridges for African dangerous game. It contains chapters on bullet performance and selection, terminal ballistics, suitable rifle actions, recoil management, optics, big bore handloading and detailed discussions on the 48 most popular African dangerous game cartridges starting with the 9,3x62mm Mauser and terminating with the mighty .600 NE. Each cartridge is discussed in detail under topics such as history, technical specifications, characteristics, performance and application and handloading. The book contains the most comprehensive handloading data ever published on big bores, with several thousand loads for powders including Accurate, ADI, Alliant, Hodgdon, IMR, Norma, Rottweil, Somchem, Tubal-Vectan, Vihtavuori and Winchester are included. The book costs ±US$ 85.00 and can be ordered from:
USA – Outdoor Visions:
Africa – Pathfinder Publications:
Australia – Bunduki Books:
UK – David Grayling Books: