After all the years we have been promoting hunting in Africa, we’ve launched something new – something different to help hunters and to help outfitters.


We invited a limited group of established outfitters from across Africa – for two reasons:

  1. Help you make the right choice with whom to hunt, and
  2. To promote hunting in Africa


We know them all.


And for your peace of mind, they have signed the declaration (below) when joining.


We invite you to contact the outfitters directly or ask us anything you need to know.


We are not an agent, take no commission and simply are here to represent them and help you.


Now you have the background – we invite you to come hunting in Africa!



Richard Lendrum

Outfitter Declaration: I am committed to being in a team that is working for the good of Africa’s professional hunting. I will not bring the industry into disrepute through any of my direct actions or through the safari operation I run. In addition, all the hunting safaris we promote and operate in Africa, are within the law of the land in which we operate.

Interested in becoming a member? Email to find out how.