Greetings Richard and Esther.

I just finished reading the Summer 2018 issue finding the article titled “Africa – from Canada with love” authored by Thomas Schwanke most informative and well-timed. As I read, I found myself reflecting on the many years of learning about and understanding the importance of getting the African experience planned correctly on the first trip. There are so many considerations in planning a perfect safari and Mr. Schwanke presented these matters in an engaging and concise manner as possible.

The hunting/conservation world is up against political and regulatory pressures while facing a reduction in participation notably in the younger generations. Getting started on the path to Africa is an applied effort. I can’t tell you how many times I have met fellow hunters with a burning passion for an African safari who are worried that the costs and logistics are prohibitive. When I attempt to breakdown the safari planning details into simple, sequential steps, you can see their eyes go from excited to glazed as they seem to lack the confidence to execute. This paralysis need not be!

Those of us with safari experience must pass on the legacy of our great hunting heritage. The African Hunting Gazette is a leader in providing resources for us to do so. I’m going to keep the issue with Mr. Schwanke’s article handy and share it with those hunters seeking the guidance and encouragement for fulfilling what really is an attainable goal: African safari!

Thanks for another terrific issue of AHG.

Sincerely, Ray Cox