Article Guidelines


Our mission is to promote hunting in Africa, so that is the angle to think of when writing.


We aim to have a balance of stories from non-writers, professional writers, professional hunters, and hunting clients.


If there is one way to sum it up: Write the kind of story you’d like to read!




Submissions should run between 1,250 and 2,000 words. Give an interesting title, if possible, but if not, we can help out.  Please don’t forget to include your name and a 3-line biography about who you are and your hunting experience.


Please include the name of the country, the year, and the geographical location of the hunt. If you can insert google map links all the better because with the digital publishing, if offers extraordinary opportunities to allow readers the chance to ‘drop into’ your area. You are free to mention the full name of the PH and the hunting company. (However, some hunters prefer to remain anonymous – best check with them for permission.)


Please include information about the hunting gear, bow or rifle and ammunition used, why you chose it, and if you were satisfied with the performance of your equipment in the field.



Please submit up to 10 photos with informative and interesting captions. Ideally, include images other than simply trophies. An African safari is more than just the animals. We cannot guarantee that all your images will be used, however in the digital version of the publication we have the luxury to use more, and will try our best. For the digital version, along with the google location, feel free to include any appropriate video links too. People love the variety video material offers.


Don’t forget to number/identify your photos so that we can match them up with the captions.


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Send Us Your Article and Pics


If the images you want to submit are large, or there are a lot of them, using a service like We Transfer will make the process much smoother than Outlook, Gmail, etc.


If you open (or someone could assist) in using – it is a free service, easy to use to send large files and you literally:


It might ask you for a verification code (on your email) and then you put that in – and then BINGO – it comes to us (put in the email address)


This will save sending the thumb drive and perhaps is worth a try first. If not – our address is:

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