From cover to cover and here, from click to click, the AHG brings you everything you need to know about hunting the great continent of Africa. From the southern tip of Africa to the northern reaches of Ethiopia, we go about pursuing our simple and unambiguous objective. Everything we do, be it the magazine we publish, or the marketing consulting we offer the outfitters, the African Hunting Shows we host, or the International Hunting expos we attend – it is for one reason – to promote hunting in Africa.

I hope this website helps you find out what you need to know about going on a hunting safari in Africa. We are financially and editorially independent. We recommend the use of registered outfitters in Africa and we also support all the country-specific hunting associations in Africa. Having attended international hunting shows for over 10 years, we are the only African hunting magazine that is based in Africa AND north America. We attend more international Expos than any other and are also the only African hunting magazine to hosts our own shows. By starting in Toronto and now expanding into Atlanta and soon to launch in Calgary, these boutique, ‘all & only’ African Hunting Shows are our next step to demonstrate how serious we are about hunting in Africa!

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Yours in good hunting,
Richard D. Lendrum