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At Kanati we help our clients re-live their adventures by providing an elite taxidermy experience.

Kanati – The Name

Kanati: [ka-nah-tee] (Cherokee) guardian of the hunt

Kanati was the first man and guardian of the hunt. He taught people the skill of hunting, and preserved the tradition of hunting. We wish to be a modern-day Kanati, the guardian of our clients’ hunt, to preserve their story by means of careful attention, superior craftsmanship, and utmost respect for their animals.

Custom craftsmanship

With our diverse experience over many years in the industry, we’ve developed a distinctive process that allows us to treat each project as uniquely as the animal itself. We never rely entirely on stock forms that offer only generic sizes and poses. Instead, we resize and re-sculpt our forms to fit the animal and create the ideal pose. Any pose is possible! Muscle detail is added, veins, and eye expressions are sculpted in as well. We utilize an extensive reference library to ensure the anatomy, posture, and expressions are synonymous with the species.

This very time-consuming process of sculpting, fitting, and sculpting again is one of the most vital aspects of what we do, and the difference is very evident in our finished work. This process results in a finished mount that is not only true to size, but is also presented in an artistic and accurate way.

We correspond with our clients throughout the process with regular updates and progress photos, and encourage our customers to engage with us, ensuring they get the completely customized finished mount they deserve.

Creative Design

As designers, we develop comprehensive designs that focus on the impact of the whole composition, as well as the specific details that make a scene unbelievably lifelike and effective. Our services include conceptual sketches, 3D renderings, and scale model construction.

We work closely with our clients to make sure the piece will best utilize their display space. Extreme care and thought goes into the presentation and composition of that animal to ensure that it is exhibited in a way that enhances its natural strength and beauty, and looks good.

Scenic Environments

We believe taxidermy is more than just animals, and crafting a carefully thought-out environment is essential to enhance the presentation. Whether we are placing a leopard in an acacia tree, or setting an ibex on a rocky outcrop, each one of the scenic dioramas we create is accurate, lifelike, and vibrant. This gives the wildlife environment an authentic feel with an outdoor backdrop.

Our scenic and themed environment capabilities are constantly expanding as we innovate and create new proprietary products and techniques. These capabilities include rockwork and indoor mountains, replicated trees, foliage and ground, water features, animatronics, lighting and sound.


It all started over 20 years ago when founder and president, Wes Good decided to try taxidermy as a hobby by working on small mammals he hunted himself. Driven by his passion for design and art, he hasn’t looked back since.

“It’s our team that’s our secret source, these guys are incredible!” he says. “Their desire to provide a better taxidermy experience and care for our clients is what drives us forward.”

This talented team of 18 experienced artisans and customer-support personnel work together to make the magic happen! Each team member has a specific area of focus and expertise, ensuring consistent results.


The studio, located in Eastern Pennsylvania, has a far-reaching footprint. Our in-house logistics team regularly ships Kanati works throughout the entire United States and around the globe. We work extensively to coordinate a smooth, worry-free journey for our clients’ trophies all the way from the field to the trophy room.

The current 14,000 square foot facility has space to house projects from the biggest African species to full-size trees and large indoor mountains.

How we can help

We are driven by our simple mission: “To give our clients the best memories they can have from some of the greatest experiences they ever had, so they can re-live those adventures again and again.”

For us, it’s more than mere taxidermy. It’s the craft, the art, the design—the things that make our trophy displays memorable.

To work with us or ask questions, give our team a call at 717-933-4828 or email info@kanatistudio.com. Check out kanatistudio.com for more information and a catalog of our works.

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