Bergzicht Game Lodge: Trophy meat gets utilized in every sense of the word.

Here are a few facts to keep in mind when trophy hunters visit Bergzicht Game Lodge. We also like to invite outsiders to enlighten them and learn about our day-to-day management. This article specifically focuses on the meat consumption of the trophies taken.

Right from the start it was part of our mission to make productive use of our resources, and it is vitally important to us to contribute to the social wellbeing of our local community. Therefore, almost every safari is part of a meat donation program to the local school.

As the pulling of the trigger is only a very small part of hunting itself, there are various other components accompanying a hunting safari which we regard as “part of the creating of a memory” experience. Not only do we have the opportunity to allow clients to interact with nature on a daily basis, we help them to understand our environment, our fauna and flora.

The hunters can do what they love to do, while they assist us in uplifting our community. The meat harvested will be donated on a regular basis to the local primary school in Dordabis. Dordabis is a rural village about 20 minutes’ drive from our lodge. This specific village is very dependent on donations and financial support from the surrounding ranchers.

The school has 255 full-time students. For many of these children this meat donation from farmers in the community is the only source of protein they get. We offer the opportunity to our clients to be part of this donation, handing over of meat should they wish to do so during their time with us.

To those who are against hunting – trophy hunting to be exact – perhaps it is time for you to realize that the meat from a large animal provides more protein and nutrients to each and every pupil which they may not have had otherwise.

Also, when our hunters bring along their own children we encourage the clients to take their children to the school. This allows the clients’ children to see how poor some communities are, and to teach them to be thankful for their own fortunate circumstances. In this way these children can, from a young age, see what a big role trophy hunting plays and the positive contribution it can make to someone else’s life. The smiles and happiness of those
village kids will leave an unforgettable impression.

When privileged children experience this first hand, it also creates the opportunity for them to return home with a better understanding of hunting, and perhaps be able to explain and defend ethical trophy hunting to their school friends who do not understand the situation. We are very keen to get youngsters involved in such programs, to get the message out there about trophy meat being utilized. Nothing goes to waste. This way a young hunter / huntress can feel as though they are part of the story.

At Bergzicht we normally use the prime cuts for the lodge. In this way the clients can enjoy the meat they harvested, and we have 20 full-time employees who also benefit from the meat hunted.

In Windhoek, the capital of Namibia our focus is more on the old-age homes. Here we again donate meat to the elderly. In this way they are sure to get top-quality organic meat without any hormones.

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