Blaser R8 Success

The success story of the Blaser thumbhole stock continues. The well-known classical silhouette of the R8 rifle with the two-piece stock is made from precious walnut wood with the ergonomic perfection of the Blaser thumbhole stock.

The innovative character of the R8 Success Individual does not stop there. For the first time, the natural raw materials – wood and leather – are combined. The specially treated leather inlays, which have proven to be comfortable as well as robust, ultimately create the perfect complement to the wooden stock, forming an exquisitely well-designed, beautiful rifle. In addition to the brown leather inlays, the R8 Success Individual boasts a matte black receiver, a gold-colored R8 logo, and will be available in wood class 4 and 7 in calibers from .222 Remington to .375 H&H. An optional fluted barrel is available. MSRP begins at $6,969.

Blaser is one of the leading manufacturers of hunting rifles and shotguns in Europe since 1957. Every Blaser product is tailored to the needs of the serious, active hunter and shooter. Hence, the product range is extremely versatile. It includes bolt action rifles, break action rifles, combinations guns and shotguns.

All Blaser firearms carry a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. For additional information visit Blaser USA at