As we head into the last third of the year, any help we can offer in terms of advice, tips, suggestions – please remember I am on the end of a telephone or email.

I have just returned from a trip to the USA and Canada where I had fruitful discussions and meetings with The Hunting Report, Safari Club International at their headquarters and then in Calgary and Edmonton with not only the SCI chapters but also the various parties that will be helping us as we build up to our expos in 2014.

The mood is positive in North America, particularly in Alberta and if the number of hunters on Delta 201 departing back for America and those with me on Delta 200 coming to Africa is anything to go by – things are buoyant!

Foreign hunters just need to be told about Africa, given the reassurances they need and be treated with world class service and I am certain we will have more hunters every year.

Enough of this talk – this month’s Bulletin has our usual round up of news, tips and advice and we hope it helps in some small way.

– Richard Lendrum