Trophy importation requirements have changed in Canada. In simple form, wildlife trophies that enter Canada after July 22, 2013 must be in a fully taxidermied state – meaning ready to mount on a wall or fully mounted (no other taxidermy needed).

Any skins, skulls, horns, etc. that are NOT fully taxidermied will have to be sent to a CFIA-approved and certified taxidermist to be fully taxidermied before clearance will be issued. These will be treated like quarantined shipments.

The requirements for all animal tissues to be imported into Canada have been updated to reflect the high-risk nature of this commodity. This requirement for hunting trophy imports will be enforced at Vancouver International Airport beginning July 22, 2013. In the meantime, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency will be scrutinizing trophy shipments more closely.

The most up-to-date policy is ‘Importation of Integumentary Tissue’, available online: