A Public Guidance Position Statement

The TGA was asked (by many people) to “take sides” – which we would never do. We were also reluctant to “interfere in the domestic affairs of the wildlife industry” because that is against the mandate of our constitution. So we were considered ‘draad sitters’ by many which was unfortunate.

Finally, to satisfy public interest more than anything else – and to educate the public about how they should address this kind of situation – we produced this report.

Our own membership was asking what our attitude was towards all these issues – which was a major motivation for us writing the report!

You will note that – in opposition to the animal rightists objections to hunting in general – we thoroughly justified legal hunting; and we discussed the limited information we had to hand on the controversial “Captive Breeding of Lions and Ranch Lion Hunting (canned lion hunting)”.
Please share this document with those who are interested.
For clarity on our position on animal rightists, read and share our Animal Rights Doctrine – Public Guidance
Ron Thomson

Comment by John Rance

Here is the link to the full comment by John Rance (TGA Director) on the canned lion issues under debate.