Some people hunt for sport, some hunt to relax, and some hunt for food. But there are others who hunt for the thrill and the sense of danger that comes with being out in the wild among some of the world’s most exotic and ferocious creatures. For this type of hunting, there’s no better place than Africa, the Dark Continent. Hunting in Africa offers big game and incomparable thrills, particularly in the following locales:


Namibia is one of the more underrated hunting places in Africa, as most people struggle to find it on a map. However, the country has become quite hunter-friendly and is one of the few places where cheetahs, the fastest land mammal in the world, can be hunted. Some bigger game like lion, buffalo, and elephant can also be hunted. Namibia is where hunters should be able to explore different parts of the country and find animals that will be tough to find elsewhere on the continent.


Hunting in Tanzania is exciting, largely because of the vast number of species and their populations in East Africa. There are literally dozens of species on a hunter’s radar in Tanzania, including zebra, impala and water buffalo, plus bigger game like lion, leopard, and hippo. With enough time, ammo, and skill, you can bag several different animals during a hunting excursion to Tanzania.


Cameroon is a totally different part of Africa from the other countries on this list, so it offers unique opportunities and challenges. The country features the only active volcano in Western Africa, Mount Cameroon, which last erupted in 2012. Hunting around this area is bound to be thrilling. If you prefer to stick to the forests, they are so dense that when you’re hunting you may not find your target until you’re just a few feet away – this can create a real rush. The animals here may not be quite as ferocious, but there’s some big game in Cameroon, including the bongo, a species of antelope.

South Africa

South Africa is undoubtedly one of the most exciting places in Africa to hunt, as it offers a diverse array of climates and terrains, leading to a variety of hunting options. This includes some of Africa’s most dangerous species like lion, crocodile, and hippo. Even hunting elephants isn’t out of the question, allowing you to come face to face with the largest land animal on the planet.


Neighbouring South Africa is Zimbabwe, a country best known for challenging hunters with some of the most dangerous game on the continent. Lion, leopard, and elephant are all available. Also, in certain safari areas of Zimbabwe, those big game animals may be in the same areas as plains animals like zebra, wildebeest, and impala, giving you the chance to hunt multiple animals at one time.