By Drew H. Butterwick – Photographer & Wildlife Conservationist.


I guess you could pretty much say I’ve spent the majority of my life bouncing around the globe, chasing wildlife. As of 2023, I’ve stamped about 40 countries in my passport, including accumulating nearly two year’s worth of time, on multiple trips, to Africa. I’ve been behind the still camera and video lens for thousands of hours and been incredibly fortunate to witness some of our wildlife’s most amazing feats; some cute, some harsh, some beautiful and others hard to even describe without the images themselves. I’ve experienced so many fiery sunrises and sunsets, on my early morning and late-night voyages, it is simply impossible now for me to look back and try to count all the precious moments. But I always stop for a moment, to appreciate each and every unique day.


These are some of the frames and works I’ve created, to give a taste of my experiences, to portray her story in a positive light and give respect to these bold and majestic creatures and scenes! If the idea of accompanying me on a photographic safari is of interest, I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy … Cheers!

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