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Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance

The benefits of a comprehensive travel insurance policy with Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance go far beyond rescue and evacuation from a remote safari environment. A canceled trip or medical expenses resulting from an accident can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Here are a few examples of recent Ripcord reimbursements for travelers to Africa:

  • A Texas man canceled his planned trip to Africa after his mother’s death, and Ripcord reimbursed for his and his son’s insured trip cost. They were reimbursed for their full insured trip costs of $12,000.
  • A North Carolina couple were preparing for a Uganda safari in six weeks when the wife became very sick. They had to cancel their trip. Ripcord reimbursed the couple for the full insured amount, approximately $8,000.
  • A Texas man was thrown off an elephant in Zimbabwe and incurred medical expenses and an interrupted safari. Ripcord reimbursed him more than $25,000.
  • A client thrown from his off-road vehicle in Namibia missed the rest of his hunt and incurred medical expenses. Ripcord reimbursed him for the full $2,000
  • A Florida couple arrived in Mauritius for a beach vacation but their luggage did not. They had to buy new clothes and other supplies, and were reimbursed for their claim of $670.
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