Comments about dissension among the hunting and wildlife organisations in South Africa in hunting industry publications in recent months, are in large measure, incorrect.


In 2005 SAHGCA, PHASA, CHASA, NSA and WRSA established an alliance to serve as a caucus. This initiative evolved into The Hunting and Wildlife Associations of South Africa (HAWASA). Although member associations represent their constituencies at Government forums in their own right, HAWASA is being recognised as credible representation of the wildlife industry at government forums on conservation and biodiversity and serves as a high-level spokesperson to support individual member associations in promoting the broader objectives of their specific domain in the hunting and wildlife sector.


HAWASA is familiar with the real and perceived threats to the sector, including negative public perceptions about certain aspects of the industry; bad-mouthing from anti-hunt and animal rights activists and pressure groups; and politically-driven actions i.e. land reform and regulatory processes that impact on hunters and wildlife ranchers. HAWASA is in the process of realigning its strategy to deal with these threats while striving to take the lead in the green economy.


The hunting and wildlife sector is a dynamic environment where the goal posts shift all the time and new challenges emerge continually. Individuals in the wildlife industry can rest assured that HAWASA approaches the challenges facing our industry, in a unified manner. That is also why it is so important for hunters, wildlife ranchers, firearm owners and everybody involved in the industry in whatever manner, to belong to their local associations.