Volume: 17.4



In Response to a Story About Animal Rightists Protesting Leather

Animal Rightists sure got a shock. This is a lesson in how to deal with these people.

It’s rare to find such a gem of a story as this, which happened in January 2010. Google: Three Reported Missing After Animal Rights Activists Take “War on Leather” to Motorcycle Gang Rally, Johnstown, PA.

This reflects how I, at least, believe animal rightists should be treated when they demonstrate against the sustainable utilization of living resources. Very rarely are animal rights demonstrations treated with such admirable contempt – and hopefully it will encourage people to not be so timid in their rejection of this crazy and destructive ideology.

The American The Wildlife Society (TWS) recently published a “final statement” on wildlife management vis-a-vis the animal rights ideology. They concluded, inter alia, that “scientific-based wildlife management is incompatible with the animal rights philosophy.”

This, I believe, is the most important “conservation message” to be made public since the IUCN’s World Conservation Strategy in 1980. Hopefully, it will help stop the rot and get society to understand that, when the animal rightists are challenged they are not invincible.

Recently in the States, the two “military wings” of mainstream animal rights-ism (ALF: the Animal Liberation Front, and ELF: the Earth Liberation Front) were registered as “domestic terrorist organisations” by the FBI – this after a five-year spree of arson attacks on businesses that make money out of animals and the environment, and which caused damage valued at US$43 million.

We still have to learn two other things about animal rightists and their rabid and distorted philosophy:

  • Animal rightists cannot achieve their objectives without violating the legitimate rights of other people; and
  • There is no place in a responsible and civilised society for the animal rights doctrine.