Krieghoff K-20 Victoria

Ask any woman about the challenges of clays shooting, and most will land quickly on the paucity of shotguns designed specifically to meet their needs and expectations. Krieghoff has addressed that challenge with the introduction of the K-20 Victoria shotgun.

Unlike many manufacturers who simply build a scaled-down version of their standard smoothbore, Krieghoff began by gathering insights from a wide range of women shooters, from novices to pros, to determine exactly what they wanted in a shotgun. The K-20 Victoria over/under is the culmination of those recommendations. To begin, the K-20 has an adjustable comb, allowing shooters to fine-tune this shotgun to their stature and personal preferences. Shotgunning is all about fit. If your gun fits you poorly you’ll never shoot well. To know that your cheek will be planted firmly on the stock when you mount your shotgun is fundamental to ensuring the gun shoots precisely where you’re looking. That, in turn, translates directly to more broken targets.

Weighing in at a comfortable 7 lbs, the K-20 is available in 20-gauge and 28-gauge models with either 30- or 32-inch barrels. The chokes are fixed at modified and improved modified, making it versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of field sports and shooting scenarios.

Of course, a shotgun wouldn’t fully reflect a woman’s needs unless it was beautifully adorned, and the Victoria meets that demand in spades. It features exclusive softly-pointed checkering on the oil-finished forearm and buttstock, all nicely accented by elegant scrollwork. A selection of engraving patterns on the receiver and tang safety are available, allowing the owner to customize the shotgun’s overall appearance to meet their personal style. Further, it comes in a specially designed and beautifully crafted Negrini case.

Women are as discriminating as men when it comes to their shotguns. They want a gun that fits comfortably, is well-balanced and responsive, and that reflects their feminine style. The K-20 delivers all this and more, and is certain to be popular with women who demand the finest in their firearms.

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