Our mission is to assist African outfitters to rapidly expand in the international market. A strong industry will also benefit us with a strong contributor and reader base. We therefore offer the best and most comprehensive range of marketing, branding and communication services to the African hunting industry available today. Our services to outfitters and hunters include:

  • Articles in the African Hunting Gazette. You are paid to promote your hunting adventures for the market to enjoy.
  • Advertising in our coffee table quality African Hunting Gazette which reaches the movers and shakers amongst international trophy hunting.
  • Brochures. We count many of the top African outfitters amongst our clients and it is no coincidence that we have joined forces with them and they with us. Our top graphic artists can create the visually stunning brochures for anybody related to the industry as competitive prices.
  • Consulting. The most successful outfitters employ highly refined marketing structures. We offer a consulting service in terms of which we can assist outfitters to develop a refined and effective marketing structure in terms of which each element supports and augments all other elements.

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