I am busy getting a pool built at my house, as we had to sell off the land in our garden where our old pool was. The supplier we’re going to use is not a brand name in the pool business, (although we did contact all the brand names to get a quote).

He is completely unknown to me and, you might ask, what’s this got to do with hunting? Well, it boiled down to who responded first to our general request off a pool-quoting website. He answered within an hour and was at the house showing more enthusiasm than anyone else. His quote was detailed and he broke down everything for me. The big brands said, ‘Oh the price would be about this!’

I have heard various hunters saying the reason they chose XYZ Outfitter was because he answered their e-mail first, and sometimes your marketing is distilled down to this one simple task. Nothing fancy, nothing lavish. No great display of what areas, how much experience or what trophies you have available – just a case of showing good old customer service, and simply answering your e-mail. And that is where I leave it for the month.