Word of mouth is undoubtedly the best form of marketing and something we should all strive to make the most of.

But how does it begin, or rather, with who, does it all begin? Someone has to have been hunting with you in order to recommend you and that, folks, is what I urge you to stop to think about.

Our international hunting research indicates that:

  • 73% of hunters believe that friends are either important or very important in terms of finding out about their next safari
  • 93% of hunters had friends that had NOT previously hunted in Africa and then
  • Of this 93% of hunters 53% had four or more friends who had never been to Africa.

So what exactly are you doing about this opportunity?

  • Do you ask your clients to fill out a hunting report or survey after their hunt adding client leads?
  • Do you give them extra brochures to give to their friends/clients?
  • If you don’t have brochures, what about a postcard, or even telling them about your website?
  • Do you ask them for something as simple as a reference?
  • Do you know where your client heard about you – right from the beginning?

So while an advert, expo booth, brochure or website might cost you an initial investment – it is just that. An investment in the long-term pipeline of business that word-of-mouth clients can deliver. That is where it starts.