The Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) has begun exploring innovative ways to protect its wildlife assets. The MET is working with international partners such as the Wildlife Crime Technology Project of the WWF-US to facilitate the use of the technology. The funding was secured through the Google Global Impact Awards system.

Trials were held at Waterberg Plateau Park from 18 to 22 November to asses a range of high technology tools that can assist in the fight against wildlife crime.The international team also included two unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) suppliers selected from over 50 international applicants. Wildlife tagging experts flew in from both America and South Africa.Two specialists from a global tactical surveillance and communications company have been working with MET on surveillance technology for some time and where on hand to ensure that all of the new applications can be integrated into an overall surveillance system. The team also included people exploring cost-effective analytical software, which can be used to store and easily access all the data being gathered.