Dear hunting friends,

We’re halfway through 2021! And how exciting that this year has been a much nicer roller-coaster than last year. (We felt like saying good luck with the Thanksgiving and Christmas planning, but luckily there is more than enough time still left for this year!)

The entire Bergzicht team are very thankful for every hunter that made their way to Namibia this year, hunters coming later this year as well as the future hunters committing for next year and going forward. You are the reason we can say we LOVE our job. We can truly say it’s a wonderful process of planning, welcoming everyone into our home and at the end of the trip sending you back home with beautiful trophies as well as plenty of wonderful memories!

Despite some restrictions still in place with regards to travel (all over the world), all our hunters confirmed that travelling to Namibia was an easy process. With your negative PCR test, your passport as well as some documents to complete beforehand, the travelling was smooth sailing.

Upon returning home, COVID testing done in Namibia is organized by the Bergzicht team. We have a company coming to our apartment in town or someone will come out to the farm to do the test, with same day results. So, no need for long queues, planning, appointments, etc.

The entire Bergzicht team (Hannes and Geraldine, Steph, and Marie-Louise as well as all employees) had their first COVID vaccination. By the third of September, all staff members will be fully vaccinated! We are very proud of our employees’ willingness to take the vaccine and through this contributing to a safer & better hunting environment for our hunters as well as a safer working place for all of us.

In terms of the hunting, news, we’ve had plenty of success so far:

During May, our first Springbok Slam was hunted during one safari from one family. A father and two daughters. The girls each got a black – and white – while their father got the common – and the copper Springbok.

During July we completed our second Springbok Slam, by one hunter himself! This hunter also hunted the Masked Slam this year. In 2019, on his first trip to Bergzicht he hunted a beautiful Sable and Oryx, and this year he got the Golden Oryx and a Massive Roan. This was a very fruitful trip! Let’s call our client Mr Big Shot – Mr Big Shot also shot a Golden Wildebeest as well as a Blue Wildebeest. In the 2019 season he was the first to shoot a Black Impala on Bergzicht, and his wife also contributed to the Impala trophies by shooting a common Impala in July 2021.

As if that wasn’t quite impressive enough, Bergzicht’s first Bushbuck was harvested in 2021. Mr Big Shot now completed his Spiral Horn Slam as well! In 2019 he succeeded with a Nyala and a Kudu bull, while 2021 was the year for Bushbuck and Eland.

We hope this will be the first of plenty bushbuck in future!

Bergzicht is very proud to have all this different colour variants as well as a big variety of species available in self sustainable herds.

All compliments go to Hannes for years of planning, hard work and determination to build on the Bergzicht gene pools as well as on the variety of species. It’s always been about how to do this the right way, without short cuts!

The butchery is keeping us busy – what started off as an extra side-line business is now a full time, six-days-a-week operation! This ‘side-line business’ grew and intensified, Hannes had to buy another freezer again, an even bigger one. The newest addition arrived last week, with dimensions of 12m x 3m.

We’re in the middle of our winter now and we can say we’ve had some real cold days. Our Canadian hunters admitted it was cold. We’ve experienced winter according to Canadian standards and not only Namibian standards! While most of you will have great summer weather currently, soak up the summer sun while it is available.

Unfortunately, airlines flying into Namibia are still very limited. We still have no confirmation when Qatar will fly to Namibia again. But we stand firm in faith that a new normal and more stability will be reached soon.

For some of our newer subscribers, herewith some more information about Bergzicht:

Bergzicht Game Lodge offers all the modern luxuries a guest might expect at any lavish hunting lodge.

The hunting lodge is centrally located just outside Dordabis only 1 hour away from the airport and an hour’s drive from Windhoek, the capital of Namibia (therefor we don’t need any special permits for travelling with regards to the current COVID situation)

Bergzicht Game Lodge offers you guided hunting safaris on their exquisite game ranch just south of Windhoek, Namibia. Bergzicht Game Lodge offers 25 species of plains game on 60 000 acres of privately owned land, making this game ranch the perfect location for plains game hunting.

To ensure the ultimate hunting experience combined with appreciating the unique Namibian environment we recommend planning your hunting trip to last around 10 to 12 days (hunting season starts on 1 February and ends on 30 November). Our policy of not taking double bookings can make your dream come true of being the only hunter/group on 94 square miles (243 square km) free range.

At Bergzicht Game Lodge we are dedicated to making your trophy hunting safari a memory of a lifetime. We specialise in African plains game and tailor-made hunting safaris according to your desire. We will exceed every client’s expectation. Come and experience one of the greatest adventures in Africa

All the guest suites are well-equipped with en-suite bathrooms, flushing toilets and spacious showers with hot and cold water. To make your stay more comfortable, there are rifle racks, lamps, and bedside tables in all the rooms. The rooms are elegant and very tastefully decorated. They are also exceptionally well serviced. The lodge provides 220 volts of electrical power, as well as WIFI, 24 hours a day.

For the enthusiastic bird watchers, Bergzicht Game Lodge will be heaven. Namibia boasts more than 600 species of birds.

Every Hunting safari is tailored to meet your specific desires, with your unsurpassed satisfaction being our foremost priority.

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Take care friends & stay safe!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Best regards

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