Optic Guide Special
Nightforce Optics
One scope to rule them all: The new Nightforce NX8™ 1-8 x 24 F1

Africa has always presented a quandary to the hunter seeking a mixed bag. You need a high-power riflescope for plains game, plus another scope or open-sighted rifle for dangerous game.

Consider instead the new Nightforce NX8™ 1-8 x 24 F1, less than 8.5 inches in length and 17 ounces in weight. Its remarkable 8:1 zoom ratio means that now, one scope can provide the same wide field of view as open sights (at 1x), essential for dangerous game, as well as plenty of magnification at 8x for long shots at distant antelope.

New, intelligent reticles also work brilliantly for snap shots up close, and precise shot placement at extended ranges.

Now, one scope is all you need: the Nightforce NX8™ 1-8 x 24.

It’s small. But it’s huge!

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