Issue January – March 2021


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News & Letter
Fan Mail By Thomas Caceci

Book Review
Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game – Thirtieth Edition, Africa
James Fields’ Of Hunters and Men

John Ledger’s African conservation column
What Africans Want for their Wildlife and Biodiversity

Focus on an Animal
Grey Rhebok from “Game Animals of the World” By Chris and Mathilde Stuart

On the hunt in:
Namibia and Zimbabwe 1991 By Jofie Lamprecht
Zambia 2020 By Jon Fossel
South Africa 2018 By Joe da Silva
Namibia 2007 By Roger Wiltz
South Africa 2020 By Archie Landals
South Africa 2019 By Rudy Mola
South Africa 2019 By Dustin Hames
South Africa 2018 By Lavon Winkler

Highly strung
South Africa 2019: Suni quest with bow and arrow By Frank Berbuir

Taken on the Wing
Make Mine a Double By Ken Bailey
A sport of wind and beauty By Guy Stubbs

Tales from yesteryear
The mysterious death of a rhinoceros

On Safari
On Safari with PH Thierry Labat
On Safari with PH Peter de Villiers
On Safari with PH Drikus Swanepoel
On Safari with PH Chris Troskie

Rifles in Africa
Rigby partners with Traditional English Guncases
Old Bolt Action Workhorses By Neil Brown

On Shooting and Hunting
So, you want to get a Big Bore? Part 3 …By François van Emmenes

Terry Wieland On Ammo
An Old Soldier that Never Died

A Hunter Speaks Out
Aiming with Your Feet By Wayne van Zwoll
A Beginner’s Guide to Hunting in the Jesse By Dave Svinarich

From the Desk of Hunter Proud Foundation
The Eden Illusion: The Fate of Africa’s Wildlife in a Post-COVID-19 World By Zig Mackintosh

African Dawn
An African Dawn has broken

Terry Wieland’s One for the road
The Fiercest Heart

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