Issue January-March 2024 ezine





Can hunting learn from the Springboks?

African conservation column

Investing in Conservation Sobbe Conservancy, Namibia Dr Margaret Jacobsohn

On the hunt:

The Baobab Buffalo by Kevin Cunningham

Ten days with a Rigby by Buzz Nady

Thorn Bush Buffalo by John Hossack

My first African Safari by Jeff Daniels

The Big Bull Sable in the Swamp by Mike Arnold

A Buffalo Double by Erich Mueller

Searching for Sable by Darrell Sterling

The Ghosts of the Hunters Past by Philip Massaro

Becoming a Buffalo Hunter by Rudy Mola

Highly strung

Bowhunting Wild Boar in South Africa by Frank Berbuir

Taken on the Wing

Waterfowling – too often overlooked by Ken Bailey

Rifles in Africa

The Rigby Dagga Boy Award returns for 2025 by Liz Brodie

The Shortgun in Africa by Kristin Alberts

On Shooting and Hunting

An ode to the Military-Surplus M98 Mauser action by Johan van Wyk

Terry Wieland On Ammo

Lightness & Sweet

A Hunter Speaks Out

Rough around the edges by Wayne van Zwoll

Artist Feature

A 60 for a 60 by Cynthie Fisher

Taxidermist Feature

A Taxidermist’s Advice on Leopard Hunting by Frank Zitz

From the Desk of Hunter Proud Foundation

Anti-poaching K9S -take action dog unit by Zig Mackintosh

African Dawn

An African Dawn has broken

Terry Wieland’s One for the road

Extinction. Or Not. In Mother Nature, We Trust