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Time for change! – The African Hunting Gazette’s Membership Model

African conservation column

Namibia Addresses Wildlife Crime By John Ledger

On the hunt

What Do You Do with a WARTHOG IN A CAVE? By Ricardo Leone

A Safari to REMEMBER By Lavon Winkler

Not About the Kill By Ryan Phelan

Fourth LEOPARD at eighty By Peter Feuerle

Plains Game, Guns, & Gear: Field Notes from the Kalahari By Terry Nelson

Rooihartbees in the Wind By Michael Arnold

3 Friends for Africa By Rick Holbert

Huntress Diana

The Hazard of Hunting Hippos By Kendal – Ray Kaschula

Highly strung

LECHWE with Bow and Arrow By Frank Berbuir

Taken on the Wing

GUINEA FOWL – More Than Meet the Eye By Ken Bailey

Rifles in Africa

The Talla Des Man-eater Resurfaces By Diggory Hadoke

Plains Game Hunt with the LEGENDARY SHARPS 1874 By Erich Mueller

On Shooting and Hunting

Why the British Shotgun? By Johan van Wyk

Terry Wieland On Ammo

Holland’s Super Thirty

A Hunter Speaks Out

Of Stern Stuff By Wayne van Zwoll

From the Desk of Hunter Proud Foundation

Patrol: Anti-poaching in Action: The Moyowosi Game Reserve, TANZANIA By Zig Mackintosh

African Dawn

An African Dawn has broken

Terry Wieland’s One for the road

THE LAST LAUGH: The .220 Swift in Africa