Guidelines for Submitting Your Story to African Hunting Gazette

Greetings Dear Author,

Thank you for considering the AHG for the publication of your exciting hunting accounts. The hunting stories from contemporary hunters such as you will serve to immortalize the hunting exploits of our generation of African Hunters!

The best hunting stories of any generation do not come from professional writers, but from men (or women) such as you – men on the ground, every day, who probably are hunters first and writers last. It is our mission to immortalize your exploits, and the Africa of today, for all generations.

Although we believe that you will tell your story as well as possible to excite readers, you need not to be a better writer than hunter to achieve publication. We have a hunting account publishing service to help you in turning your exciting hunts into exciting stories – telling your own story while making our magazine and website as interesting as your experience.

Write any which way you like – we will do the polishing. Much as we would like to publish every story to promote your business, we simply cannot publish every story submitted. We can, however, publish most quality articles if they conform to general publishing criteria. The easier you make it for us, the easier it becomes to publish and promote you! Remember – publication constitutes pages of free marketing! Your chances of publishing success will be massively enhanced and are directly proportional to your adherence to our guidelines. So, importantly, please submit the following with your story:

  • A sheet providing your full contact details: Full names, telephone and e-mail contact details.
  • A fact sheet with a 60 – 100 word hunting bio of yourself.
  • A hunt detail fact sheet giving:

Year of the hunt and hunting dates
Country were hunt occurred
Hunting area, ranch or concession name
Outfitter and satisfaction rating
Professional hunter and satisfaction rating
Rifle and cartridge details and satisfaction rating
Ammunition and bullet details and satisfaction rating
Riflescope details and satisfaction rating
Taxidermist and satisfaction rating (only if you have received your trophies)

  • The story in less than 2,000 words, as that represents the attention span of readers, and publishing space.
  • Images and photos: We prefer the images as taken on camera without any modification. These should be mailed on CD to us care of: 247 Jan Smuts Avenue Randburg, 2196
  • If, however, you are Internet and Photoshop-skilled, the images should be sent to us as taken by means of large-sized file transfer Software such as ‘WeTransfer’ or ‘SendIt’. An alternative is to send the images to us one by one, measuring at least 8.3” wide at a minimum of 350 dpi JPEG in RGB color. Smaller images are unusable.
  • Captions. Please provide a caption sheet listing the images supplied and provide detailed captions for each image. Particularly important to readers are: Rifle and cartridge used, optics used, shooting distance, bullet weight retention and animal details.
  • Spell-checking your article in English (US). You will increase your chances of publishing success immensely if you also ensured the correct spelling of brand names, personal names and localities.

Then e-mail your story to us, care of our managing editor, Ms. Esther Sibanda at:

Good luck – we all look forward to sharing the excitement of your hunts with you.