Remington Ammunition is proud to announce that The Deadliest Mushroom in the Woods is now available in a lead-free, all copper bullet, Core-Lokt Copper.


With dependable expansion, proven weight retention near 100%, and drop-dead accuracy, Core-Lokt Copper combines the performance you’ve come to expect from Core-Lokt, now guaranteed with a lead-free bullet. Rigid construction from high-strength pure copper ensures Core-Lokt Copper’s monumental bullet dispatches big game and lives up to the legacy of the Deadliest Mushroom.


Core-Lokt Copper is the newest addition to the Core-Lokt family of ammunition. Remington’s classic Core-Lokt, as well as new award-winning Core-Lokt Tipped, are still being proudly manufactured daily in the USA.


Core-Lokt Copper is available in six cartridges with line extensions coming soon.