The New Mauser M-12 Hunting Rifle

In March this year, Mauser Jagdwaffen of Germany announced its M-12 hunting rifle at the IWA Show. The M-12 is the latest of the three models currently forming the Mauser rifle line-up. The other two are the Mauser M-98 and the Mauser M-03. The M-12 is a typical modern push-feed rifle and can be considered a kind of hybrid with features from both the M-98 and the M-03.
The design is a forward-locking recessed 6-lug design that locks directly into the barrel. It is a push-feed with two plunger style ejectors recessed into the bolt face. The M-12 has a 3-position side-swing safety on a bolt sleeve somewhat reminiscent of the Heym Express rifle.

The M-12 Standard has a 5-shot removable magazine and comes with 560mm (22“) barrels and is available in wood and a synthetic stocked models in .22-250 Remington; .243 Winchester; 6,5×55mm Swedish; .270 Winchester; 7×64mm Brenneke; .308 Winchester; .30-06 Springfield; 8×57mm IS Mauser, and the 9,3×62mm Mauser calibres. It is a lightweight that weighs around 3,1 kg (6.75 lb). The magazine latch is very conveniently situated ahead of the magazine.
The Magnum model has a 4-shot removable magazine with 620mm (24.5“) barrel and is available in only three chamberings at present: 7mm Remington Magnum; .300 Winchester Magnum, and the .338 Winchester Magnum. The Magnum model weighs around 3,2 kg (7 lb).
The stocks on the M-12 mercifully are of classic design rather than the German and Bavarian stocks so unpopular in the RSA and the USA. The M-12 will be the most affordable rifle in the Mauser product-line, and probably the most popular, as it is a rifle to rival the popular American offerings such as the Remington, Ruger, Savage and Winchester brands.