The Czech company CZ has recently introduced a new model rifle – the CZ-557. The CZ-557 is to the beloved CZ-550 what the post ’64 Winchester M-70 was to the pre ’64 Winchester M-70. On the CZ-557 the proven Mauser-style controlled feed extractor and static bridgemounted ejector are replaced by a short, recessed extractor and boltmounted ejector. Whether the advent of the CZ-557 will spell the end of the popular CZ-550 series is unsure, but both models are still available at present.

The CZ-557 has a 20.5” (520mm) barrel without any sights. It presently is available in fixed magazine configuration, but will become available in some calibers in a removable magazine model in 2014. Magazine capacity is 5 rounds. The CZ-557 weighs around 3,3 kg and will be available in .243 Win, 6,5x5mm, .270 Win, 7x64mm, .308 Win, .30-06 Springfield and 8x57mm. Detachable magazine models will also include the .22-250 Rem and the .243 Win cartridges.