Kimber Model 84

Although African owners of USA-made Kimber rifles swear them to be the best production rifles ever manufactured, Kimber rifles actually are not well-known despite having given sterling sevice since 1982. Kimber M-84 rifles are based on the pre-64 Winchester M-70 design, but can be described as semi-custom rifles at production rifle prices. It really is a rifle to consider.

Kimber was founded with the sole purpose of building the finest classic sporting rifles ever offered in America. Knowledgeable riflemen were quick to try one, liked what they saw and spread the word. Today, Kimber rifles are favored by many of the world’s most accomplished hunters and shooters, and limited production keeps people standing in line to buy them.

Kimber rifles offer a combination of features that set them apart from all other production brands. Barrels, chambers and triggers hold critical match grade dimensions for accuracy. Pillar and glass bedding ensures both accuracy and strength. Walnut stocks are finished and checkered by hand, and Kevlar-carbon fiber stocks are the finest available on a production rifle.

Models available include the M-84L, M-84M, M-8400 WSM, M-8400 Magnum and the Specialty. Apart from the normal popular calibers, Kimber rifles are also available in .204 Ruger, .257 Roberts, .280 Ackley Improved, .270 WSM, .300 WSM and .325 WSM. The Specialty is available .375 H&H, .416 Rem Mag and the .458 Lott.