New Ruger American

Ruger in the USA recently introduced a new budget-class entry-level rifle called the ‘American’ that will retail for under US$ 430 in the USA. In Africa it should be able to compete pricewise with the Howa and the Remington M-710.
The American comes in a Standard and a Compact model. Overall length of the Standard model is 42” (±107 cm) and that of the Compact 36.75” (±93 cm). The respective average weights for the two rifles are 6-lb (2,72 kg) and 6¼-lb (2,83 kg).
The American is a three-lug push feed design with a 70° bolt throw. The stocks are made of a black composite and are equipped with aluminium bedding blocks that Ruger has branded its ‘Power-Bedding-System’. The rifle also comes with an adjustable trigger. In looks, the trigger is reminiscent of the Savage accutrigger. According to Ruger it is adjustable to 5 lb (2,27 kg). The American sports a very convenient tang safety, which last appeared on the very first 1968 Ruger M-77 rifles. Left-handed hunters will like this.
The hammer-forged barrels on the American are 18” (±460 mm) long on the Compact models and 22” (±560 mm) on Standard models. Compact models are chambered for the .243 Winchester, 7mm-08 and .308 Winchester cartridges. The Standard models come in two action lengths. The Short Action Standard model is chambered for the same cartridges as the Compact model, except that it is also offered in .22-250 Remington. The Long Action Standard model is only chambered for the .270 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield cartridges.
Ruger American rifles are not equipped with iron sights, but are furnished standard with bases for riflescope installation. The bases are in the Warne/Weaver style and should accept a wide range of rings.