According to a recent press release by the South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association (SAHGCA), the association recently dishonourably expelled a member from the Association for poaching. The release states:

‘A disciplinary committee of SAHGCA investigated a complaint regarding the hunting activities of André Klopper (21) following his involvement in illegal and night hunting activities.

Chris Niehaus, CEO of SAHGCA, said Klopper’s status as a dedicated hunter has been revoked with immediate effect and that the Central Firearms Registry has been informed accordingly. SAHGCA has also recommended to the SA Police Services that Klopper should be declared incompetent to own a firearm.

Klopper’s father, Johan Klopper, was also dishonourably expelled from SAHGCA, following a shooting incident where another person had lost an eye. SAHGCA has also recommended to SAPS that Klopper senior be declared incompetent to own a firearm.

Niehaus emphasised that the Association teaches and promotes responsible and ethical hunting and said: “We expect every single member of SAHGCA to adhere to these principles. We will not tolerate behaviour that tarnishes the image of the Association and fellow hunters, or puts the lives of others in danger.”