As second owner of Nico van Rooyen Taxidermy, from 1994, my beginnings in this artistic trade were based on a childhood in hunting and conservation, both in Tanzania and Germany, as well as a family background in art. A profession in taxidermy offered itself as a logical combination. German taxidermy school, followed by an apprenticeship with Nico van Rooyen in South Africa from 1979 to 1984 were the foundation to my career. Eight years followed in museum taxidermy at the then vibrant and active Transvaal Museum of Natural History.

With my partner Geoff Voigt we took over the company from Nico van Rooyen in early 1994, by then a well-known and reputable company with international clientele.

Keeping pace with developments locally and abroad we specialize in custom mounts of game animals from all over Africa, both for hunters as well as museums.

We draw on a large stock of molds, sculpted in house over the last 50 years.

One of our specialties are replicas of special trophies, as well as replica mounts of elephant, rhino and hippo. These circumvent permit issues, and are possibly more durable than skin mounts.

We are currently branching out into bronze wildlife sculpture.

We strive to keep our delivery time for mounted trophies within 10 to 12 months, while Dip/ Ship leaves to the shipper within 4 months of payment.

We offer a trophy collection service within a radius of about 600km of our studio, as well as good courier services operating within South Africa.

We understand the importance of the close co-operation of outfitter, taxidermist and trophy exporter, that is necessary to facilitate a successful hunting experience.