Company Name: Nyati Wildlife Art
Contact: (Owner/Manager) Manfred Egerer
Physical Address: No. 23 Newcastle Street, Northern Industrial Area, Windhoek-Namibia
Tel Office: +264 61 217111
Contact Email:

Tell us a little about your operation

I have been a PH since 1983, and felt there was a need for good quality taxidermy and client service in the industry, thus I got a group of people together from the taxidermy industry , and started the company in 2004.

How many years have you been in the business?

Since 2004

What are your specialty areas that you have in the business?

We encourage our clients to tell us what exactly they want to have done, thus every order is made specifically for that client. Nothing is off the rack at Nyati Wildlife Art.

Current processes offered

  • Pick up & collect trophies? Yes, at NO extra cost to the client
  • Maximum distance offered to collect trophies? Anywhere in Namibia
  • Own tanning facilities: YES
  • Do you buy in forms or sculpt your own or both? We sculpt our own forms

Delivery time (approximate)

  • Dip and Pack: 90 days
  • European mounts:90 days
  • Shoulder mounts: 180 days
  • Full mounts: 180 days

General Comments

We are a one stop facility, from the pick-up of the trophies to shipping them with our in-house shipping company.

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