Brooke ChilversLubin (Editor)

Brooke was born and raised in midtown Manhattan. She studied comparative European literature in the USA and natural sciences at the University of Düsseldorf, Germany. Currently Brooke divides her time between the USA and a small town near Paris, France, the country where she met French Professional Hunter Rudy Lubin while working in Paris in international advertising and publishing. Brooke married Rudy in 1984.

The marriage encouraged her to become active in hunting and conservation.She has written some 100 articles about hunting and conservation, travel, medicine and wildlife art for magazines in the USA, Europe, the South Pacific and South Africa. Brooke is a vice president of the International Professional Hunters Association (IPHA), an Honorary Member of the African Professional Hunters Association (APHA), former member of the IUCN Antelope Specialist Group, and a winner of the Journalist Award from the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA). In addition to editing African Hunting Gazette, she is the art columnist for Gray’s Sporting Journal.

Richard Lendrum (Publisher)

Richard was born in Zambia in 1966, grew up in Zimbabwe, and has lived in South Africa for the last 22 years. Schooled in Bulawayo and then doing a Marketing BComm in South Africa, he was privileged to grow up close to nature, in a family that spent much time in the Matopo hills outside Bulawayo studying and collecting birds. With a passion for wildlife, Richard realized the role that tourism – and especially hunting tourism – plays in conserving wildlife, as well as in habitat conservation, and wanted to be part of that.

Richard is an entrepreneur and conservationist at heart. Alongside the marketing and media business Richard founded 16 years ago, African Hunting Gazette contributes to his mission –promoting hunting in Africa.

His vision for African Hunting Gazette is to grow (double) the number of international hunters to Africa to 20,000. He plans by developing a cohesive group of outfitters across the continent working in a cooperative, yet competitive environment, and with their respective governments to promote hunting for the benefit of the continent of Africa.

Esther Sibanda (Managing Editor & Subscription Administrator)

Esther was born in 1979 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She matriculated from Mpopoma High School in 1996 and joined Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife in 2001 as a field ranger. She also attained a Diploma in Natural Resource Management from Southern African Wildlife College in 2007. She moved to Johannesburg in 2007 when she was head-hunted for the Future Group. Due to her wildlife knowledge Esther was transferred to the African Hunting Gazette in 2012. Esther’s responsibility is to turn the material provided for every issue of the African Hunting Gazette
into an informative, entertaining and visual showpiece.

Despite her femininity, Esther’s ambition is to become a professional hunter and a top African Hunting Outfitter.

Kim Gattone (Sales Manager)

Kim was born in Elmhurst, Illinois in 1961 and currently resides in Dillon, Montana USA. A native of Chicago and a graduate in Business and Education from Western Illinois University,Kim now splits her time between Montana and Europe. Kim is the consummate outdoors person. She regularly hunts in the USA and has two safaris in Namibia behind her name. She was an international long distance runner and is a high altitude mountaineer who has scaled Mount Everest. Kim worked as a Brand Manager for Etonic Athletic Footwear and Brooks Running and held the position of Merchandising Manager for Outside Magazine. Her interpersonal skills and passion for our magazine are great assets which we believe will help take the African Hunting Gazette to the heights envisioned by Richard Lendrum.

Nicole Kelly (Subscription and Distribution Manager North America)

Nicole was born in Baie Comeau, Quebe, Canada in 1969 and attended Fort William Collegiate, Thunder Bay. She currently lives in the beautiful Muskoka area in Canada. Nicole brings extensive customer service, marketing and tradeshow experience to her job, as she has worked as a Marketing Assistant and Product Manager Assistant as well as a computer trainer for General Dynamic Land Systems Canada.

Nicole is the African Hunting Gazette’s Subscription and Distribution Manager for North America and she also coordinates the African Hunting Expos in Calgary and Edmonton, Canada. On her next visit to South Africa her goal is to hunt and actually shoot an animal… but it can’t be cute!

Barbara van Wyk (Graphic Designer)

Barbara was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1990 and currently resides in Centurion. Barbara matriculated from Pretoria High School for Girls in 2007. She started her career with a focus on fine arts and illustration, then spent a year in book layout and two years in advertising and multimedia before joining the Future Group. She has a strong interest in conservation, specifically in terms of the inherent benefits present in well-managed private hunting outfits. Barbara is a student at the Open Window School of Visual Communication where she concentrates on communication design.

Barbara is obsessive about typesetting and responsible for the African Hunting Gazette’s visual identity amongst her other duties at the Future Group. She is a bit of a softy, but still the only member of the African Hunting Gazette team able to give a struggling pygmy hedgehog a flu shot!

Pierre van der Walt (Website Editor)

Pierre has written hundreds of articles for African and international magazines. Born in Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa in 1958, he matriculated from Middelburg Hoërskool , Mpumalanga in 1976 and started his military career at the School of Armour in Bloemfontein,Free State in 1977, which career he ended as a Captain and unit Adjutant in an infantry combat unit. He holds law degrees from the University of Pretoria and the University of South Africa and is a qualified attorney , professional hunter, gunwriter and publisher.

He is a pro-gun lobbyist and convinced politicians in 1993 to legalize gun shows in South Africa. He served as Trustee for the SA Gunowners’ Association for many years, was the founding editor of Phasa News, Safari Times Africa and the Big Bore Journal. He handloads for 42 cartridges and is the author of the popular book African Dangerous Game Cartridges. His next book, African Medium Bore Cartridges will be published in 2014.

Craig Wiehahn (Website Manager)

Craig was born in Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa in 1980 and matriculated from Jeppe High School for Boys in 1998. After school Craig obtained MCSE (IT) qualification at CompTIA and brings a decade of web design to the team. He is an occasional hunter with a preference for hunting in neighbouring Namibia. He is an avid and competitive equestrian and has also obtained his international qualification for course building (FEI).Craig now lives at Meyers Farm, Gauteng, South Africa.

He is responsible for web design and IT management in the group and specifically responsible for the African Hunting Gazette website function, structure and maintenance and to assist the rest of the team in keeping their computers alive and well.