Unique African Ceramic Art

For over 30 years Ardmore Ceramics has transformed the South African art scene by bringing together fundamental western ceramic techniques and the raw creative talent from Kwa-Zulu Natal. Working as the largest US distributor to bring these beautiful ceramics to the US for art collectors, wildlife enthusiasts, and others willing to help support the lives of these individual artists, Pascoe Gallery has continued to assist in Ardmore’s mission.

Here are a few of our most impressive pieces currently on exhibition.

King Cheetah Vase – – H. 13 in. x L. 9.5 in. x W. 9.5 in. – $6,500

Sculptor Senzo Duma | Painter: Thabiso Mohlakoana

Pascoe Gallery’s King Cheetah Vase is one of a kind, featuring a dazzling array of various cheetahs native to the Kwa-Zulu region. The vase pays homage to the very rare King Cheetah which has an unusual coat mutation of long black stripes along its back, instead of typical cheetah spots.

Leopard Sculpture Female – $4,500

Sculptor Molapo Mokoena. Painter Bongekile Ntombela

Molapo Mokoena sculpted a wonderful female leopard, and rising Ardmore painter Bongekile Ntombela who delights in painting genet cats, leopards, and giraffes because of their unique animal patterns, colors the sculpture in rufous tones and with distinct leopard spots.

H. 10 in. x L. 16 in. x W. 7 in. – Rhino Sculpture Family – Male – 3,950

Sculptor – Molapo Mokoena | Painter – Elvis Bonginkosi Mkhize

Four countries, including South Africa, are home to 98% of black rhinos, and Ardmore regularly portrays these iconic animals. Elvis Bonginkosi is one of Ardmore’s top artists, and prefers to paint in realistic styles such as in the sculpture shown above.

LEOPARD URNS PAIR – $19,500 – H. 22 in. x L. 11 in. x W. 8 in.

Sculptor: Sabelo Khoza | Painter: Mickey Chanco

Our Leopard urn pair is one of the most impressive pieces currently in our gallery. It features two dazzling urns adorned with playful leopards. Ardmore painter Mickey Chonco is known for his extraordinary sensitivity for color as is shown in the beautiful combination of hues on the urns.

ELEPHANT RIDER TUREEN – H. 23 in. x L. 16 in. x W. 16 in. – $21,000

SCULPTOR: Senzo Ntshalinstshali | PAINTER: Mama Ntombela

The elephant motif is an integral part of Zulu culture, symbolizing wisdom, strength and power. Senzo Ntshalintshali is the son of legendary Ardmore artist Bonnie Ntshalintshali. His keen ability to sculpt the human figure is evident in the numerous Zulu figures surrounding the tureen.


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