Zoltan Boros was born in Szabadka, Hungary in 1976. Nature and animals fascinated him since his early childhood. Zoltan began drawing at a young age, developing his talent by drawing the local wildlife. Later, he began to paint with oils and watercolors and continued to draw using graphite pencils and chalk. After grammar school, Zoltan attended the Agricultural University of Gödöllő. There, he received a degree as a Certificated Agricultural Engineer of Environmental Management with a major in Wildlife Management.


Zoltan spends as much time as possible in the outdoors, observing nature and the behavior of animals in their natural environments. Through his art, Zoltan is able to capture the uniqueness of his subjects, and the situations of their existence. 

His time in nature stirs his imagination, and his creations reflect a close relationship with his subjects and their habitats. “The movements of animals, the breath of ancient nature, original state, those are the things that I want to introduce with my artwork,” he says.


Zoltan has received international recognition for his wildlife art, with pieces appearing in exhibitions around the globe. These include the Weatherby Auction in Reno, Nevada, Holt’s Auction in London, and exhibitions in Spain, Germany, Austria, Canada, the Netherlands, and his native Hungary. In 2020 he got one of the most prestigious awards (Mr. Peter Balogh Grand Prize for Art) for his wildlife art in Hungary.


Find him on www.borosart.hu, or connect on Facebook and Instagram.


Enjoy a selection of Zolton’s African animal portraits.