By Pierre van der Walt

Yes, it can be done! Assuming you have fired a fouling shot and you shoot straight.

Step 1 Set Target Up
Set a target up at the intended zero range, i.e. 100 yards.

For this method a round aiming point works best.

The full aiming point must be visible through the barrel, so it must not be too large or too small. The closer the aiming point is in size to what you can see through the barrel, the more accurate the result is

Step 2 Set Rifle Up
Remove the rifle’s bolt and place it on bags with which you can pack it down firmly. Equipment that works well for this purpose are:


Bullsbag X7 Modular System


Caldwell Lead Sled


Step 3 Aim through Barrel
Centre, and by centre we really mean centre, the target in the barrel and make the rifle immovable.

Then adjust the riflescope reticule to centre on the target.


Step 4 Fire the Shot
Fire the shot without moving the rifle.

Remove the bolt without moving the rifle or the rest/bag and adjust the rifle to regain the exact above correct sight picture through the barrel and riflescope.

The ideal would be if no correction has to be made to the rifle, but recoil makes that virtually impossible.

Make sure the rifle is packed tight once this is achieved.

Step 5 Adjust Reticules
Now peek through the riflescope without moving anything and find the bullet impact point on the target.

Unless you are very lucky the bullet hole will be some distance from the aiming point and reticule position.

Without moving the rifle or the rest/bag, adjust the reticules to centre on the bullet hole.

Your rifle and scope are zeroed! You can verify it with a second shot.