On the fourth day hunting LD eland we picked up the tracks of two bulls at around 7am and followed them for about 2 hours. The droppings were shiny and moist, and we knew we were close. 

As we moved over a slight hill, I spotted the two bulls moving in front of us, diagonally. Due to thick cover, we couldn’t get in a shot, so we attempted to follow them, but as we reached the point where I had last seen them the wind changed, and as we followed them, we realized that they had caught wind of us and had run. 

Dejected, we continued following them for another two hours and eventually gave up as we saw that they were headed for the park boundary. We were under pressure as Adam had only two more days to hunt due to his obligations at the Super Bowl. 

We decided to take a rest during the midday heat and around 3pm decided to walk up the park boundary to see if there was any movement. After an hour, I saw some roan and then suddenly, a group of 10-12 eland bulls appeared and moved across our front. I pointed out a particular bull and Adam took his opportunity as the bull was on move. 

A single shot and the bull was down.