Award-winning, Scottish-based artist Justin Prigmore unveiled new original works and paint live at the John Rigby & Co. booth #4125 at the 2024 Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Convention. The four new works are all original oil paintings on Belgian linen and have been painted by Justin for Rigby Art. The paintings are depictions of the legendary ‘Big Five’ – lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and buffalo.


Justin also painted live at the Rigby booth throughout the event, working on the final piece of the collection depicting two buffalo bulls.

‘The Warrior’


An impressive 40×40-inch oil original painting on Belgian linen that depicts the sheer power of a male lion in his prime. The whole composition is designed to position the lion as undisputed ruler of his kingdom and emphasise his immense power. The horizon is low, and a herd of buffalo lurking in the background is small in comparison, but acutely aware of the lion’s presence. A moody, lively sky enhances the drama of the scene; the warrior is on the move, and everyone knows about it.


Retail: $18,500 USD (£15,000 GBP)

‘Silent Intent’


An evocative 24×36-inch original oil on Belgian linen. Justin has captured the moment a spectacular female leopard locks her gaze onto the prey that might just become her next meal. Recreated in extraordinary detail, the leopard’s presence fills the canvas as she seems ready to spring out of the frame to begin the chase.


Retail: $10,500 USD (£8,000 GBP)

‘Moving Through’


A beautiful 24×36-inch original oil painting on Belgian linen. Justin depicts a family group of elephants as they travel across the watery grasslands of the vast Okavango Delta in Botswana. The artist includes several egrets, constant companions to African elephants, a detail that gives the painting a marvellous feeling of movement.


Retail: $10,500 USD (£8,000 GBP)

‘Close Protection’


A female black rhino she defends her calf. A 24×36-inch original oil painting on Belgian linen, this evocative piece puts the viewer front and centre as this magnificent animal kicks up dust and fixes her eyes on the threat as oxpeckers take to the sky in alarm.


Retail: $10,500 USD (£8,000 GBP)

Rigby Art launched limited edition canvas prints of Justin’s work ‘Border Patrol’ at the booth. This is the first time that prints of this spectacular oil painting were available for viewing and purchase. The painting captures a dominant male lion as he patrols the perimeter of his pride’s territory. A herd of zebra and scattered wildebeest mill in the background, keeping a closer eye on a predator in his prime.


A standard edition (limited to 50 prints) is 25×40 inches. The deluxe edition (limited to just 10 prints), is 30×48 inches.