Good afternoon Richard,


I am still in shock!


I want to thank you, AHG, Maria Gill at J Rigby & Co. in London, Kevin with Blaser USA in Texas, and Jim Morical at C&J industries in Nevada, Iowa for making this happen. I have my new rifle in my hands.


What a magnificent rifle it is!


The attention to detail, the wood, the polishing, the engraved AHG logo on the floor plate, the checkering on the stock is all top notch. Unbelievable how beautiful this rifle is. The J Rigby team is amazing. All master craftsmen at what they do.


I’ve watched the video with Marc Newton as he takes me on a virtual tour through the Rigby store and workshop where they build and sell their Rifles. Impressive.


I can’t wait to shoot it and start getting comfortable with it as soon as the weather warms up a bit. I have never owned such a beautiful rifle. I will cherish it and the memories it produces, and has already produced, for many years to come. And then I will hand it down to my children. Truly a family heirloom in my opinion.


Thank you again. I can’t wait to see you and Elize and the team this August or September on your side. Working on a plan now.


All the best