Issue July – December 2021


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News & Letters
Fan Mail By Earl Garcia
John Ledger’s African conservation column
South Africa Proposes Far-reaching Policy Position on Wildlife
Focus on an Animal
Thomson’s gazelle from “Game Animals of the World” By Chris and Mathilde Stuart
On the hunt:
Day 8 Dagga Boy By Al Banes
To Hunt a Lesser Kudu – Follow a Poacher! By Geoff Wainwright
A Croc on the Bank is Worth Two in the River… By Ricardo Leone
A Most Dangerous Game By Roger Wiltz
Ethiopia Part I By Merle Sampson
A Case of Rattled Nerves By Chris Chimits
Four-Bore Bulls By Cal Pappas
My Personel Dream Work By Joseph Crawford
Hunting with the Ellements… Fathers and Sons – Two Safaris Twenty Years Apart By Conrad Miller
Highly strung: AN ANCIENT KUDU with Bow and Arrow By Frank Berbuir
Taken on the Wing: Wingshooting in Africa’s Hunting Literature By Ken Bailey
Hunter Profile
Archie Landals
Rifles in Africa
Rigby Land Rover By Stephanie Abbot
On Shooting and Hunting
Notes on Reloading Dangerous Game Cartridges By François van Emmenes
Terry Wieland On Ammo
A Hunter Speaks Out
The Effect of Recoil By Wayne van Zwoll
From the Desk of Hunter Proud Foundation
The Zambezi/Tambara Conservancy, Mozambique By Zig Mackintosh
African Dawn
An African Dawn has broken
Terry Wieland’s One for the road

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