Issue April – June 2018 ezine


Almost every hunter dreams and drools over the prospect of felling a 60-inch kudu. The industry prides itself, recognises, heaps praise and rewards on this pursuit of inches. Hunters of the greatest inches strut on stage to thunderous applause and standing ovation at annual banquets, in recognition of the heaviest ivory, longest horn, or greatest number of points. We think they are heroes. But, hang on a bit.

If you were in the fishing world, we would be looking at what? The weight? The size?

For wingshooters – well, each flying Egyptian goose is just as thrilling to drop as the next.

Yet with game hunters, when hunting the old lone bull or ram – which is supposed to be everything that we’re about – there is something different that creeps into his psyche. Something different that stirs deeply in his genetic make-up. Freud referred to it as man’s Ego.


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