Issue April – June 2021


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News & Letters
Fan Mail By William Archibald
Fan Mail By Earl Garcia
Book Review
From the Veld
John Ledger’s African conservation column
Africans Fight Back in the War on Hunting
Focus on an Animal
Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest from “Game Animals of the World” By Chris and Mathilde Stuart
On the hunt in:
The Troupe By Jofie Lamprecht
South Africa 2018 By Dave Wilkins
South Africa 2020 By Oscar Nelson
Tanzania 2015 By Ricardo Leone
Namibia article By Ed Rymut
Namibia 2010 By Tom Caceci
South Africa 2018 Gold-level Impala? By Michael L Arnold
Zambia article By Geoff Wainwright
Highly strung
Namibia 2005: A Namibian “Rooibok” with Bow and Arrow By Frank Berbuir
Eastern Cape Bowhunting article By Lance Peterson
Taken on the Wing
Packing right By Ken Bailey
On Point By Chris Christodoulou 1
Tales from yesteryear
Captain W. Cornwallis Harris By Brooke ChilversLubin
Hunter Profile
The Outfitter. The PH. The Hunter – My Thoughts… Byron Harrington
Kelly Drolet, Alberta, Canada 1
Rifles in Africa
Regulating a double rifle By Diggory Hadoke
Goodbye to a hunter
In the Face of Danger… A tribute to Philip Smythe By Tim Martin
On Shooting and Hunting
Hail the .375 Holland and Holland! … By François van Emmenes
Terry Wieland On Ammo
When Old Rifles Lament
A Hunter Speaks Out
Digital Aim By Wayne van Zwoll
From the Desk of Hunter Proud Foundation
Dissing Hunters: A Dangerous Game By Zig Mackintosh
African Dawn Outfitters 
Terry Wieland’s One for the road
Under Canvas

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