Issue April-September 2022


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Presenting an opportunity

John Ledger’s African conservation column

UK Trophy Import Ban- Africans Call Foul

Focus on an Animal

Scimitar-horned oryx from “Game Animals of the World” By Chris and Mathilde Stuart

On the hunt

The feel of Africa By Art Froese

Monkane Safaris… A Night to Remember By Darrell Sterling

The “TWOFER” By Ricardo Leone

When it is meant to be! By Thierry Labat

Among giants By Thierry Labat

My Date with CHUI By John Olivas, Bwana

A Frame of MEMORIES By Jerry Bullock

Hunting for “BLACKIE” By Ernest Dyason

A Long, Short, Waterbuck Hunt By Daryl Crimp

The One that Didn’t Get Away By Ken Moody

End of A Dream – Big Feet and Tusks to Match By Don Stoner

Highly strung

Passion For Warthogs By Frank Berbuir

Taken on the Wing

Wingshooting in the Land of Koeksisters By Ken Bailey

Rifles in Africa

North American hunter, Frank Cean Wins Inaugural Rigby Dagga Boy Awards

Resurrecting Heritage Calibers By Diggory Hadoke

On Shooting and Hunting

The Magical, Mystical Karoo By Johan Van Wyk

Terry Wieland On Ammo

Ammunition (almost) from scratch

A Hunter Speaks Out

The Enduring Mauser By Wayne van Zwoll

Taxidermy Profile

Artistic Visions Wildlife

From the Desk of Hunter Proud Foundation

To use or not to use By Zig Mackintosh

African Dawn

An African Dawn has broken

Terry Wieland’s One for the road

Damn Cameras. Damn Them All


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