Issue January-March 2022 ezine




John Ledger’s African conservation column
Africa’s Energy Predicament
Focus on an Animal
Common (grey) duiker from “Game Animals of the World” By Chris and Mathilde Stuart
On the hunt:
Ten for the salt…. By Gary Lacey
Fury at Bay By Adrian Salter / Adroda Safaris
A Rigby Along the Kafue By Joe Gray Taylor, Jr.
We Just Need One Buffalo By Lavon Winkler
Incredible Eyes and Deceptive Ears By Ryan Phelan
Hunting Africa’s Dangerous 7 By François Els
Return to Otjozondjupa district in Namibia
What more could go wrong? By Sydney Lovell-Parker
A Complete South African Safari By Kristin Alberts
Highly strung
Two Arrows, Two Jackals By Frank Berbuir
Taken on the Wing
Wingshooting is a different animal By Ken Bailey
On Safari
On Safari in Africa with Charles Price
Rifles in Africa
THE RIGBY Dagga Boy Award
On Shooting and Hunting
The .500 Jeffery – An African Icon By François van Emmenes
Terry Wieland On Ammo
Rooks & Rabbits, Rats & Mice
A Hunter Speaks Out
Then and now By Wayne van Zwoll
Taxidermy Profile
TAXIDERMY is my Life By Frank Zitz
From the Desk of Hunter Proud Foundation
A Less Glamorous Narrative: The Mpungini Conservation Area By Zig Mackintosh
African Dawn
An African Dawn has broken
Terry Wieland’s One for the road