Issue July – September 2014 ezine


PHs Hugo Seia and Rudy Lubin go back in time together when they, along with PHs including Eric Stockenstroom and Alain Lefol, proudly offered authentic fair-chase, trackingon-foot hunting in the Central African Republic – the very opposite of today’s “Toyota Safaris.” So I paid attention to Hugo’s recent e-mail about a hunting video celebrating extreme distance shooting of eland, kudu, and impala at 650, 700, and 980 yards. “My Dear Hunting Colleagues and Friends,” he wrote, “I am shocked and saddened by this ‘hunting’ video, I believe from South Africa. In my opinion, what I saw is a completely different activity from hunting. Instead, it is what I call unfair killing, and I believe it will stain our profession and even the future of safari hunting in Africa. Hi-tech ‘sniper’ rifles are war weapons, not hunting rifles!”


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